Can you move faster than a PANDA? Google’s latest algorithm tweak and what it means for your SEO

By: KCD PR Editorial Staff
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Google Panda

Recently our friends at Google rolled out yet another search algorithm that will be taking effect over the next few months. This update is known as Panda 4.1 and part of a series of continued ranking method changes that Google has been making for its crawlers. A Web crawler is an Internet bot which systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing.

Google Panda started in 2011 aimed at revamping the way Google ranks websites based on various factors calculated by a complex algorithm. This particular update (4.1) is fairly minor and rolls into a bigger overhaul called Panda 4.0 that started earlier this year. You may remember it as the “mobilegeddon.” We gave you some advice on why you need to start taking mobile marketing seriously. Now it’s time to take a look at all of the content we create and make sure it is evergreen to Google’s algorithm changes.

So the question is, what direction is Google going with these Panda updates and what does it mean for your SEO?

To put it simply, Google wants to see well produced content that is compelling to the correct target audience. As long as you are creating content that is designed for your target customers, adapting to the algorithm changes should be a piece of cake.

With that said, here are a few techniques to make sure you are writing Panda-proof content.

Be stealthy.

Subtlety is key when it comes to keyword usage. Do not blindly and excessively repeat your keywords. Mentioning your focus key word once or twice is acceptable, but anything beyond that will set off a red flag with Google’s crawlers and actually HARM your ranking. Your readers will notice that you are deliberately spamming keywords and be put off by it, as well.

Google Panda Meditate over your content.

As search engines crawl through your website, they mark errors that they encounter and count them against your ranking. This now applies to more than just technical errors -– grammar, spelling and punctuation are factored in as well.  That’s right, when you do a sloppy job of editing your content, Google will place a similar article that is well edited above yours. Remember to put love into your content and proof it for any errors. Getting another set of eyes on your content is always a good idea.

Flow like the wind.

Do not break up your content with Ads. Google likes it when users can access the information they need without interruptions. They are going as far as adding a few lines of code to their new algorithm to combat disruptive ads. If you absolutely need to place ads in your content, you can add them either to the bottom of the content or on a sidebar.
It is vital to know how to stay ahead of the curve to adapt to the evolution of the search world. In this digital age, not being able to be found by your customers can be detrimental to your business. Some reactionary content creators like to focus on each individual update and figure out gimmicks to adapt their content to fit with the new algorithm. However, great digital marketers know the importance of looking at the bigger picture and keep these updates in perspective. They can then optimize their content so it is ready to take on the never ending onslaught of algorithm changes.

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