6 Tips to Enhance Your Video Marketing Strategy on Twitter

By: Kevin Dinino
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Twitter Video

Twitter has introduced a new feature to its platform that allows users to capture, edit and post videos right from their mobile devices. Keeping with typical Twitter fashion, videos are restricted to 30 seconds in length, forcing users to get to the point. With this new feature, come new opportunities for brands to maximize their marketing efforts – particularly video marketing. Follow these tips to help effectively share your brand via Twitter video.

KISS – “Keep it simple stupid”

With Twitter limiting video length to 30 seconds, brands do not have much time to make an impact on users. To utilize Twitter’s video feature effectively, users need to keep content interesting, and most importantly, relevant to their audience. No need for drawn out intro’s or credits. WOW users and get to the good stuff.

Share sneak peeks and behind the scenes

Twitter has enabled users to upload video content to their profiles for some time, but previously required videos to be uploaded via a third party site first – which can be a time consuming process. Twitter video allows users to create content directly through the app, making it easier to create content on the fly and share it instantly. Brands can utilize this new feature to give users a sneak peek of a new product launch, or share behind-the-scenes footage from a conference in real time. Providing short video snippets that reveal exclusive or relevant information is a way to reward loyal followers and keep them enticed.

Answer users’ questions

Twitter video provides an additional platform for users to engage with their audiences. Utilize Twitter’s video feature to answer customer questions, or provide brief insight about the latest industry trend. If a consumer tweets about an issue, then a brand can now directly address their concerns with a simple explanation through video. Not only does this offer your brand as a helpful resource, it also allows consumers to put a face and personality to the name. People like nothing more than to have the information they seek packaged in a short and easy to understand format – and to feel like it’s coming from a real person.

Share customer experiences/testimonials

Twitter’s video feature provides the perfect opportunity to share brief user testimonials and experiences. Allow users to gain insight into what your brand’s customer experience is like by showing them what others are saying. Better yet, share real-time interactions with customers at an event, this way potential customers can see what they’re missing by not following your brand.

Create a mini-series

Thirty seconds isn’t much time, but it’s enough to get an idea across. If you’re looking to tell a longer story, or to add creative flare to your marketing efforts, then try creating a mini-series. Utilize Twitter’s video feature to put out snippets of content over a day or week. This allows your brand to draw out a user’s interest, while keeping each segment short, sweet and captivating.

Optimize it

While using Twitter video makes sharing and distributing content across the web easier, don’t forget to enhance the search-engine-optimization of your written content. Be sure to utilize hashtags, mentions and links to increase the sharing capabilities of your videos. You can create the best video, but without proper SEO optimization, few users will be reached.

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