4 Reasons to Take Your Team to Happy Hour this Holiday Season

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Working the nine to five grind is an already arduous task for most. Add an undesirable work environment to the mix and you’ll have one unhappy camper. Using Happy Hour to create a workplace culture that fosters employee relationships and values more than just business transactions can significantly affect the dynamic of a firm in a seriously positive way.

Professional Development

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Foster Company Culture

Taking your team to Happy Hour is a great way to foster company culture. By spending time with one another in a fresh environment outside the office, employees can enjoy each other’s company without actually thinking about work. Regular get-togethers can help employees associate the company they work for with a supportive team and positive environment, not just a heavy work load. Nurturing a positive company culture creates happier, healthier employees who want to come to work each day and contribute their best efforts. Employees are also more likely to be charismatic brand ambassadors when they are satisfied with their working conditions. Companies with unhappy employees see more sick days and lower work productivity, which can be detrimental to your business’s well-being.

Team Bonding

Team bonding is another huge advantage of taking your team to Happy Hour. Not only does team bonding promote internal communication and support between co-workers, but it also gives them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office. Bob from accounting isn’t just great at analyzing cash flows, he also happens to be an award-winning cyclist, but you might not know that if you’ve never had the chance to chat with him about something other than work. Getting together for a social hour is also a great way to bring new team members into the mix, allow employees to learn more intimate details about each other and even introduce significant others. A tightly knit team creates stronger relationships and increases company loyalty.


Celebrating team wins, whether they are small victories or significant milestones, is essential to making employees feel recognized and appreciated. A brand that recognizes its employees’ accomplishments shows that it values its employees for more than the work they produce. There is nothing worse than an employee feeling as if its employer could care less about them. A situation like this is bound to generate some negative emotions and, potentially, bad press. Instead, take advantage of birthdays, work anniversaries and team wins to show your employees how vital they are to the success of your company. A little appreciation can go a long way in boosting morale and motivating employees to work harder.

Business Benefits

Taking the team to Happy Hour doesn’t always have to mean grabbing cocktails at the nearest bar after work, Happy Hour can be a fun event centered on professional development. For example, here at KCD PR we like to take our team to HubSpot User Group (H.U.G) events, which involve business professionals from different industries getting together in a fun environment like breweries or trendy bistros to learn about specific areas of expertise. H.U.G events are designed to provide educational and networking opportunities to business professionals, while still providing a memorable time. Opportunities to get out, network and learn with industry peers can be beneficial to both the employee and the employer. The employee has a positive learning experience, while the employer gains a more educated employee.

By incorporating Happy Hour and other social activities into the structure of their firm, business owners can nurture positive working environments that lead to increased productivity and employee loyalty. To put it simply, a work hard, play hard company culture can do great things to your bottom line.

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