3 Ways to Keep Your Brand Relevant in a Crowded Market

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In today’s crowded marketplace it can feel like a daunting task to make a brand stand out from the rest while maintaining its relevancy. By getting creative and focusing energy on the factors that resonate the most with the target audience, a brand can establish a solid market presence that differentiates it from the rest of the pack.

3 Ways to Keep Your Brand Relevant in a Crowded Market Courtesy of www.cleveland.com.

Form an emotional bond with your prospects and customers.

Having an emotional connection with your brand’s followers assists in making the brand relevant and top of mind. Today’s consumer has a lot of power and converting them into a brand advocate will help ensure brand relevancy. How do you make that emotional connection? Hone in on a specific brand attribute that triggers a memory or feeling in your audience. For some, it’s connecting the brand to a city or specific activity. Find a thriving neighborhood with attitude or modern movement that relates to your brand and tie it to what you are trying to communicate.

Take MasterCard for example. As a global credit processing company it must strive to connect and appeal to a vast audience, but the company found a way to tap into consumers’ emotions with its “Priceless” commercials. By placing an emotional appeal first, MasterCard was able to create a global campaign that positions the brand like its main initiative is to create precious life moments for its customers, not sell credit cards. Products and services tied to something bigger than themselves attract consumers who also feel strongly about those attributes.

Convey a perceived value.

What problem or pain point does your brand solve or make easier? Capitalize and make consumers realize that by purchasing your brand’s product they are actually gaining something in the long run, not just wasting money.

Bank of America provides its customers with much more than just banking needs, they also provide a number of technology solutions, customer support, fraud protection, financial planning services and even a learning center to help its customers feel confident that they are making educated decisions. Customers feel like they have someone to turn to rather than just a corporate conglomerate.  Are you saving the consumer time? Then show that they will be free to do their favorite hobbies, spend more time with the family or travel. Whatever value your brand is providing, show the consumer it best serves their needs.

Leverage the use of narratives.

People love a good story – it’s what makes us human. However, in order to tell a story that your audience will care about … you have to know you customer! Tell your brand’s story in a unique and clever way that will hit on the consumer’s values, and in turn make them care about who your brand is and what it has to offer.

A great example of this is Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment and much more, tells its story in a straightforward yet impactful manner. Not only does the brand get to the point, it shows off the capabilities of its products through clever and captivating campaigns. Most consumers are not in the market for an excavator or telehandler, but they’ll watch a video of the massive machines playing Jenga – a genius and fun way to show off the company’s products. Be mindful that your narrative has to be told to multiple audiences. Stay on message and choose your distribution channels wisely, don’t just broadcast your message to everyone. Take time to do the research that uncovers the most effective channels to reach your target audience and then tailor your message appropriately.

Even in a crowded market there are clear industry leading brands. In order to keep your brand relevant and top of mind with consumers it has to be valuable. With these simple steps, a brand can connect with its audience and tell a story that keeps consumers engaged for the long haul.

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