Wonders & Blunders: Good News Rippling Through the Philanthropy World

By: Kevin Dinino


Spring may or may not have sprung where you live, but we have some inspiring news to brighten your day. In an amazing display of generosity, crypto company Ripple recently funded every single donation request from teachers on a crowdfunding platform. Equally amazing is how the donation came to be: a single cold email with an “insane ask.” Lesson learned: don’t be afraid to ask!
It’s hard to be a big bank these days, as evident by the recent CEO shakeup at Deutsche Bank. Will the successor finally solve the company’s struggles?
The NYSE finally joined the other 12 U.S. stock exchanges in allowing trading of all U.S. listed stocks and ETFs on its floor. Welcome to the modern age, NYSE!
Ripple’s Record-Setting Donation
Wonder: Cryptocurrency Giant’s $29 Million Gift Funds Every Request on DonorsChoose.org – Drew Lindsay in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.
San Francisco cryptocurrency company Ripple recently funded all 35,000 requests from teachers on the crowdfunding platform DonorsChoose.org. The $29M donation set a record for the largest public donation to a single organization by a cryptocurrency company. It is also the largest gift ever received in DonorsChoose.org’s 18-year history. One in six U.S. public schools will benefit from the donation. The donation was set in motion by a single email from DonorsChoose.org’s founder to the CEO of Ripple.
Will a New CEO Revive Deutsche Bank?
Wonder or Blunder: Deutsche Bank Solves One Crisis With New CEO. Now Onto the Next – Steven Arons and Nicholas Comfort in Bloomberg.
Deutsche Bank has struggled to recover from last decade’s financial crisis, and the appointment of a new CEO is another attempt to turn the company around. After three failed plans to improve the bank’s finances in three short years, former CEO John Cryan was recently replaced by Christian Sewing. Can Sewing be the “guiding hand” leading the bank’s team toward a change of fortune?
NYSE Now Trades All U.S. Stocks & ETFs
Wonder: NYSE Opens Doors to Stocks From Rival Exchanges, Ending Decades-Old Policy – Alexander Osipovich in The Wall Street Journal.
This week, the NYSE lifted a long-lasting restriction that prohibited the trading of stocks listed on rival exchanges, such as NASDAQ. The policy put into place decades ago formed a “gated community” for stocks of firms that met the NYSE’s strict standards and paid its high fees. The long-awaited upgrade to the exchange increased the number of stocks now available to trade at the “Big Board” from 3,150 to all 8,600 stocks and ETFs listed in the U.S.
Forbes quotes Sebastião Coelho, CMO of Flashmoni, about investors evaluating their portfolio allocation during tax season.
The San Diego Union Tribune talks to Ken Slaght, President of San Diego’s Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) about expanding cybersecurity apprenticeships and other student opportunities.
» BOTTOM LINE: Volatile Markets Demand Wealthtech Adoption
The Dow goes up, the Dow goes down … and down … and down. The stock market has sent us on a wild ride in Q1, but unlike the rides at Disneyland, the volatility of the stock market is not fun for all. Many investors are watching their lifes’ savings fall each time the Dow drops. The good news? Innovative technologies capable of mitigating investment risks are swooping in to save the day – and investors’ retirement accounts
Atria Wealth Solutions
Atria Wealth Solutions (Atria) not only launched as an active holding company, but also announced a significant private equity investment from Lee Equity Partners while simultaneously acquiring two broker-dealers. The client required a PR team with expertise in overseeing complex situations with multiple stakeholder groups and product lines (i.e., the business channels – bank and credit union affiliated advisors, hybrid registered investment advisors and other key stakeholders).


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