Wonders & Blunders: Don’t Miss These 2018 PR Predictions

By: Kevin Dinino
Category: Fintech


Our fearless founder, Kevin Dinino, shares his 2018 predictions on PR trends:
  • Thought Leadership and Branding Involves More than Your CEO: It’s time to invest in powerful communications beyond the C-suite and expand communication initiatives to include product and business units.  
  • PR is Influencer Marketing: Don’t be fooled into thinking that influencer marketing is a new trend. It’s called good PR. Expect to see more powerful campaigns featuring influential industry folk (aka influencers) pairing with companies they trust and believe in as leaders.
  • Behavioral Economics and PR will Become Integrated. The psychological and economic factors that drive personal decision making are powerful. This year we will see the integration of public relations strategies and behavioral economics more than ever before – we may also begin to see machine learning driving this trend forward. 
  • Further Integration w/ Digital: Companies will increase efforts to merge traditional and digital PR with SEO, social media, content marketing, etc. in 2018. The evolution of communications will gain further momentum, moving away from segmented strategies (viewing PR, marketing and advertising as independent tactics) and shifting to an integrated approach.
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Forces Driving Bitcoin’s Rapid Rise
Bitcoin stole the spotlight in the latter half of 2017, climbing to nearly $20,000 in December. Those who weren’t familiar with cryptocurrency before are now, after it made the headlines weeks on end in November and December. What caused Bitcoin prices to surge and gain such popularity?
Here are the top five factors behind Bitcoin’s rapid rise according to Charles Bovaird’s recent Forbes article: 1. Growing visibility; 2. Surging investor interest; 3. Regulatory progress; 4. Bitcoin futures; and 5. Strong momentum.
Do you think this upward trend will continue in 2018?
Fascinating Fintech Facts and Figures
Tearsheet reporter Tanaya Macheel investigated five fintech charts to find out whether or not insights garnered during 2017 matched up with the facts and figures. Some of her fintech data discoveries were expected, while others came as a surprise:

  • Banks are falling short in terms of budgeting and managing innovation – only half even have C-level staff focused on innovation strategy.
  • Goldman Sachs is making an enormous tech talent hiring effort to ready itself for 2018 and beyond.
  • Despite many articles and quotes about AI’s impact on banking, few banks are actually investing in the tech or even planning for it. The ethical concerns of AI are a hot topic among consumers, but 31 percent of bank respondents are “not at all concerned.”
  • Mobile payment adoption still lags behind forecasts – less than 10 percent of smartphone owners use mobile payments at least once a week.
  • Borrower satisfaction data shows that online lenders’ lack of transparency, higher interest rates and unfavorable repayment terms drive small businesses to prefer traditional banks.
Emoji Index
2018 is finally here. We are ready to rock, roll and start drumming up those top-tier media hits, which drive sales and help achieve business goals.
But before we do so, check out a few of our favorite (media) hits from 2017. From Forbes to CNBC our fintech, technology and financial services clients were seen and heard in all the right places. 
» BOTTOM LINE: 5 Must-Attend Fintech Conferences in 2018
The New Year is here and it’s time to start marking calendars with the exciting events taking place across the technology industry. If you’re a professional working in fintech, whether it’s leadership, communications or even programming, we’ve compiled the top five must-attend conferences of 2018. Tweet us the conferences you plan to attend at @KCDPR!
Atria Wealth Solutions (Atria) not only launched as an active holding company, but also announced a significant private equity investment from Lee Equity Partners while simultaneously acquiring two broker-dealers. The client required a PR team with expertise in overseeing complex situations with multiple stakeholder groups and product lines (i.e., the business channels – bank and credit union affiliated advisors, hybrid registered investment advisors and other key stakeholders).

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