Why Go with a Specialized PR Agency?

By: Olivia Gerling

Why should I go with a specialized public relations agency instead of a large, national-scaled firm with a big name? 

 It’s a question our clients ask us all the time. But who is better to tell you about why to consider a smaller, more specialized PR firm than the president, himself? – we mean the president of KCD PR, of course. This former reporter sat down with KCD PR President, Kevin Dinino, and got candid about the pros of going a little bit smaller… so that your firm will actually get a bigger reach. 

 Interviewer: Thanks for chatting with me, Kevin. I always enjoy getting the chance to talk one-on-one about what’s going on workwise and in the company. Obviously, I know all about KCD PR, but can you tell me in your own words what the company specializes in? 

 Kevin: KCD PR specializes in the financial services, fintech, and high-tech industries. So think about your insurance suppliers, Web3 services, Blockchain, even payment app companies, or some other sort of financial tech company… we work with the teams with products that you see every single day, whether you know it or not.  

 Interviewer: You have a background in PR. You’ve worked with firms, big and small. Why do you think it’s important for people to consider the more specialized firms? 

Kevin: Because by specializing, we allow ourselves to be fully immersed in marketing and communications strategies. Especially with industries that can be so complicated, it allows us to find a deeper understanding and create a successful client relationship.  

 Interviewer: So how would you say specialized firms are different in relation to larger-scale firms? 

 Kevin: Thanks to our specific focus, we become masters of this space. Every one of our team members is readily able to converse on industry trends, thought leadership opportunities, and event management. This service model gives the client the best of deep vertical industry expertise paired with award-winning communications campaigns. 

 Interviewer: What is the biggest thing a company needs to look for when trying to find the right PR agency? 

 Kevin: Client relationships, hands down. The firm you’re working with should care about what you think, your goals, and how to get there. We have deep relationships with organizations in these verticals, as well as media in the fintech space. A client doesn’t need to pay a major agency to learn about their industry. We’re already in it.  

 When you’re looking for a PR firm to go with, it’s important to weigh the pros and the cons – cost, flexibility, reach, knowledge, media accessibility, and more. If you’re looking for a complete package, consider a specialized PR firm.  

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