Giving Back to Fintech: Financial Writers Society

By: Kevin Dinino

(Note from KCD PR: In our “Giving Back to Fintech” series, we asked two associations to contribute to blogs highlighting their work in the fintech community. We chose to spotlight the Financial Writers Society for its dedication to fostering the development of financial writers. Many of the association’s members are reporters, the gatekeepers of news – ensuring they’re equipped with the proper tools to do their jobs, ensure we have accurate financial news disseminated across the industry and beyond.)    

By: Charles Bovaird, President of Financial Writers Society

Financial Writers Society (FWS) is a tax-exempt trade association that aims to improve industry standards and provide members with opportunities to network, collaborate and support each other.

Some of the biggest benefits the organization has provided thus far have come in the form of mentorship. Members of FWS, myself included, have received this guidance, learning more about a particular aspect of financial writing or a relevant subject.

Here are a few examples of mentorship and collaboration I’ve seen during my work with the association:

  • Prateek Agarwal, FWS’ director of technology, once spoke with me about writing articles in the digital currency space. Prateek had a blog about economics, Intelligent Economist, and he wanted to branch out into new areas. At the time, I had published more than 100 articles involving digital currencies and the blockchain, so I was able to give him a better sense of the industry and worked with him to brainstorm potential story topics and publications of interest.
  • Pooranalingam Ravindran, Vice President of FWS, created a financial analysis workshop, a PowerPoint presentation that delved into the basics of financial analysis, something that a few members, myself included, found helpful in our work.
  • Another member, Chris Peden, provided some guidance to Denise Swanson, a member who was interested in establishing herself in the financial writing industry. Chris, an accountant by day and a writer by night, spoke with Denise, who had worked in accounting for many years and wanted to start writing about the subject. Since that time, Denise has begun her first professional writing assignment, which involves developing content for tax practitioners.

Going forward, FWS plans to expand its Mentorship program, as it provides notable benefits to the organization’s membership.

Individuals interested in learning more about FWS can feel free to contact President Charles Bovaird at [email protected]

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