Content Marketing for Financial Services: A PR Approach

By: Olivia Gerling

When you think of financial services or financial companies – think Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase, Cambridge Investment Research, and so on – you probably don’t think about public relations. However, whether you’re a big company or a small one, you need a team on your side that will help you make a name for yourself and keep it in the good graces of the public. 

So, how do you do that? 

Financial PR! PR isn’t just something that celebrities or political candidates – I approve this message! – need to find success. Any company under the sun needs public relations in one way or another. However, for this article, we’re going to focus on financial services. 

The Importance of Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a type of marketing involving the creation, publishing, and distribution of content for targeted audiences online. In the case of a financial client, that may mean you will want to focus on an audience of financial advisors or consumers specifically looking for finance tips. The role of your PR team is to not only help you determine the ideal publications to target but to also help you get into them. 

Though earned media is not guaranteed, PR firms help you increase those odds of mentions in news stories due to already cultivated relationships with reporters, as well as a slew of professionals who know what reporters are looking for. At KCD PR we like to say, “Why do I care about this story?” before sending it to reporters. If we don’t care, why should they? 

When it comes to content marketing, you may be looking to create your own piece of content. For instance, you may want to write your own story – or have your PR firm write a piece for you – to be published in an outlet specific to your target audience. The role of the PR firm is to not only help you craft your messaging but to also help find the right outlet for your story. This may mean testing the waters and trying out different publications until the team finds the right fit.  

How Financial PR Can Help 

So, does a PR firm only look for exciting stories? Of course not! You don’t have to be the next Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance – #Tayvis – in order to get coverage. If you have news that is important to you, chances are it will be important to other people. Here are just a few ways public relations content marketing can help you. 

Launching Initial Public Offerings (IPOS) 

Think about this – your company is planning to go public. However, no one knows who you are! So, what is your likelihood of getting many clients once you go public? Very little. Now, consider people already know who you are. When you go public, people are lining up at the door to start working with you and there’s a huge buzz on social media. The second option is the result of excellent marketing and a great PR team that helped create a name for your company leading up to the announcement of going public.  

Build a Reputation 

The goal of financial PR is to not only increase your visibility but to also increase your credibility. This is done through defining an organization’s values, goals, and offerings to both the public and the company’s stakeholders. A great PR team will help you be noticed as experts in your field, make clients aware of how great your product or offering is, and keep your messaging and branding consistent.  

On the off chance your company may be going through a crisis, such as a data breach or a scandal, your PR team will help you couch it to your stakeholders. Without a strong crisis comms plan in place, your company could be in big trouble. However, if you respond to situations in a fair and timely manner, thus alerting those important to the company, you could become the poster company for how to handle a bad situation. 

 Stand Out from Others 

When it comes to the financial sector, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of other companies just like yours. So, how do you stand out from the rest? Through optimal content marketing geared towards your financial services company, your PR team will be able to find the details that are important to your clients. Our goal is to make you desirable, which means we use our understanding of your field to share why you are unique in your field.  


There is no one reason why financial service content marketing is the right fit for your company. But that’s okay! We’re pretty sure we gave you several reasons why it’s a good idea. If you want to establish yourself as a major player in the financial industry, or you’re a major player looking to continue to manage your reputation, financial PR firms like KCD PR are here to help. 

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