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Stablecorp is a leading Canadian fintech firm building bank grade blockchain technology. They came to KCD PR to elevate awareness of their VCAD product release, the Canadian-dollar stablecoin designed for the mass market developed in partnership with VersaBank. Some of the challenges included the ever-changing crypto landscape, intense competition, the banking industry metamorphosis and that VCAD is a highly technical product that can be difficult to understand and promote for mass adoption.

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KCD PR focused on Stablecorp’s goal to drive wider adoption of crypto. Their messaging focused on the security that comes with owning stablecoins, along with the company’s educational efforts and cementing crypto as a real and viable asset and not just a fad. The focus was to position Stablecorp and its executives as experts and thought leaders in the space, while educating the mass market. The team provided expertise, strategy and thought leadership to the company’s CEO on the biggest industry trends – digital transformation, security, bridging banking and crypto and payment integration.

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Results for Stablecorp have been monumental in positioning the company as a leader in the crypto space and elevating awareness of the brand to the mass market. KCD PR secured dozens of placements in top tier outlets, such as Forbes Advisor and CoinDesk. In addition, KCD PR was instrumental in securing speaking opportunities at events and coordinating multiple impactful media placements at these events.

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