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KCD PR has proved to be more than a partner in public relations, but also a support system we can lean on, cheerleader for our wins, sounding board for new ideas, and more. We are so grateful to have found an agency who wants to see us succeed both within and outside of their scope of work with us; it truly feels as though we are a cohesive team working together towards the same goals.


Intrinio, a financial marketplace driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, wanted to appeal to investors, developers and financial services companies as a data provider that delivers enormous efficiencies at a lower price point than firms such as Capital IQ and Bloomberg. The company formed a strategic partnership with QUODD Financial Information Services to provide Nasdaq’s real-time data directly to enterprise clients (institutions and banks). Previously, Nasdaq’s data was provided in a raw and unfiltered form. The partnership provided enterprise users with faster implementation and a lower cost to access Nasdaq basic on the market.

Prior to working with fintech PR firm KCD PR, the company had received media coverage in its local market of Tampa/St. Petersburg, but struggled to garner national business media interest. With grand growth plans for the year ahead, Intrinio sought a fintech PR firm partner with the ability to understand its business model and position the company as a thought leader.


KCD PR brought the three partners together, harnessing the opportunity to provide maximum communications results.

This began with an exploratory marketing and public relations audit and an in-depth messaging exercise which drew focus on the unique assets that Nasdaq, QUODD and Intrinio offered. KCD PR articulated the partnership as a ‘new standard’ for accessing and implementing data critical to financial innovation.

The team also trained key spokespeople to articulate the revised messaging, drafted the central story for the announcement and set up several interviews with key reporters in the financial data, exchanges and institutional space.


Through the KCD PR team, Intrinio attended six in-person interviews with influential business media in New York City.

The resulting media coverage generated included Bloomberg, Business Insider, American Banker, Benzinga, Modern Wall Street, Waters Technology and the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

The impact of this strategy was also felt when Intrinio CEO Rachel Carpenter was asked to give the keynote speech at a PIMCO organized conference later in 2018. Intrinio also formed an important partnership with a well-respected hedge fund.

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