Cobinhood – Case Study

KCD PR has proved to be more than a partner in public relations, but also a support system we can lean on, cheerleader for our wins, sounding board for new ideas, and more. We are so grateful to have found an agency who wants to see us succeed both within and outside of their scope of work with us; it truly feels as though we are a cohesive team working together towards the same goals.


COBINHOOD, a cryptocurrency platform built for the blockchain era, approached KCD PR as an unknown entity to the outside world. From our initial proposal to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), KCD PR had three weeks to build awareness with the media and potential investors. In addition to being in Taipei, Taiwan, the firm also faced challenges associated with not having a U.S. presence or U.S. representation on its board of advisors.


In response to these challenges, KCD PR created a full communications program, focused on building trust quickly within the ICO and cryptocurrency marketplace. Understanding the evolving and complex nature of the ICO market was imperative. COBINHOOD responded to trending topics and built trust through transparency across social media channels. We created a strategy divided into three phases (pre-ICO, ICO launch and post-ICO). Each phase focused on a different component designed to build trust and achieve success metrics associated with business goals at each level.

Our strategy included developing video scripts, blog content, Medium, Slack, LinkedIn pages for executives, press releases and media training. KCD PR spent time with the company in Taiwan training and creating messaging to explain the firm’s wider vision, as well as staffing the first ‘about COBINHOOD’ video to ensure quality. KCD PR also created a full international influencer marketing engagement program.


In less than three months, COBINHOOD raised more than $11 million from sales of its COB token from markets across the world. KCD PR was responsible for facilitating introductions to senior reporters in global markets, as well as securing influential board members in the cryptocurrency space – including Tony Scott, former White House chief information officer and Antanas Guoga, member of the European parliament.

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